Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early Halloween? Zombies spoted at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans.

Must be Halloween early at the Veterans home according to Liz.  She says shes seeing a lot of zombies walking around at the home.. Ooops. On closer look its not zombies, its OVER DRUGGED VETERANS.

That is right folks, The home still does not have a qualified Psychiatrist on staff, but SOMEONE is prescribing some heavy duty physic medications to Veterans. This can leave them in a zombie like state as they move around the home.  Liz told her father is one of them. He didn't even know who she was when she went to visit him last week. She took a list of his medications to a family doctor and expect to be contacting the home about it soon.

David J, emailed me saying his dad also seems a bit drugged up and is looking into it.

Someone needs to tell Sara Dunn that Halloween isn't until the end of the month, and that over drugging veterans can be seen as a criminal act.

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