Thursday, October 10, 2013

Veterans Home Board of Managers continues to abuse this Navy Veterans rights.

What is the matter with Earnest Meyers? Is he an egotistical maniac? Makes me wonder after seeing this latest from the Board of managers. And I do not think all the members of the board are making these decisions. I think its mainly Earnest Meyers.

They must think a 365 lb severely over weight, cardiac patient who can't even walk from Kozy corners to the main dining hall without wheezing is a major threat to people.

I can't wait till he gets hauled into court and has to tell a judge why this incident has gone on so long. And then watch the judge  berate him for being so petty.

Here is what the board has sent Greg M.  (Thanks for sending to me Greg).

The GRH4V member handbook (2010 edition approved, not the 2012 edition), Says a discharged veteran can seek the assistance of an attorney.

Now it seems Earnest Meyers is angry that Greg M did just that! And took the attorneys advice over the directions of the board of managers. Thus setting this up for a legal battle.

The attorney stated, that the member handbook applies to members. And that since Greg was no longer a member, it no longer applied.

When Greg started returning to the home, no one objected.. head of security knew and talked to him. So did the main security person who originally wrote him up.   If he is such a threat, why didn't they object?

They even said they had no problem with him being there as he was behaving himself, and helping his fellow veterans.. Only Earnest Meyers seems to be the one who has objected.

All this, because Greg got angry and lost his temper, and instead of screaming at the top of his lungs at one or more staff, he did it in writing, based on the fact he thought the home was indicating that they intended to steal his car because he could not park it in the designated member parking area, because the areas were filled with EMPLOYEE Cars. 

Dammed if he did, dammed if he did not.  Catch 22. And they refused him any due process. This was his first offense and they kicked him out perminantly, dishonorably and have tried to keep him off the property.

He took the advice of a lawyer per their own handbook and now Meyers is all in a flutter about it.

Why? Why is this guy such a threat to them? I will now say why for the 2nd time.. Because they think he writes this blog. And if they ever admitted to it, they would be in direct violation of the law and know they could get into big trouble for doing so.

Greg needs a GOOD attorney, if interested drop us a comment and I will pass it on to him.

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