Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear Michigan Taxpayer;

No one likes a thief. Yet it seems we have one or more at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans. More and more I am seeing veterans being charged for services they are not getting. And if the Veteran cannot pay their bill in full, the Michigan Taxpayers end up footing the bill.  This is your tax dollars being wasted at a time when we cannot afford to do so.

During a recent series of visits to the home, I had no less than 12 guys, from 5 different units all come up to me and report the same thing. They did this because they know I write this blog.

Apparently, there was a supper where Chicken Salad sandwich was the main item. And they didn't even get a full one - they got half of one.

I remind you, that charging for a service and not delivering it is a Felony called FRAUD. And there is no statute of limitations for fraud.

And this is not the only skimping of meals we have seen. It is just getting worse.

I remind you of the blog articles about other meal problems:

Out dated Tarter Sauce - Yech!

They call this vegetable beef soup.

Sloppy Joe's with beans, that no one wants.

This is a steak?!!

Sandwich and room temperature soup.

It is supposed to be New York Strip Steak.


Salad for supper?

When the Federal VA representative came thru the home in the summer of 2012, one of the biggest complaint of 3 that he addressed, was the food. And its not changed for the better, but rather has gotten worse.

And we have nurses that say the guys in PRISON eat better than our veterans. SHAME ON US.

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