Saturday, June 8, 2013

GR home for veterans; Guardian laws take away rights of Wives and family members of Veterans.

 GR home for veterans; Wife of Veteran with a guardian: You have no right to know why your husband is Not here and why he is in the hospital.

This lady is extremely angry right now.

Cheryl Ware is getting decisively angry at the veterans home, Synthia Thornbury and Michigan Family Judge Murkowski.

On Friday her husband was taken from the home and put in the hospital for some unknown reason. Cheryl, the wife of the veteran, was never notified. Only because her husband calls at the same time every day, did she know something was wrong.

When she called the nurses station on the Unit called 3 South, no one would tell her what hospital and why her husband Richard was sent there.

She asked where Richard was and they told her to call his guardian. She asked if he was there and they said he was not.

Then 2 hours later, he was tracked down at a local hospital by his son. The guardian has so far, refused to return the wife's calls.

Under Kent county (Grand Rapids) guardian laws, the guardian has 2 weeks to notify family of the passing of a veteran. But if the veteran is in critical condition at a local hospital, the guardian doesn't have to notify anyone.

In this case, the wife believes she should  have been notified the moment her husband - veteran was moved from the home to the hospital. 

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