Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vets home denys due process yet again to veteran; Standard operating procedure?

Thursday 27 June 2013. Simple mistake of overlooking, or is the Grand Rapids home for veterans denying yet another veteran his rights to proper due process?

This is something that is becoming a standard operational procedure at the home.

On 6 June 2012, in the hall just outside her office,  Veteran Greg M.  personally handed Acting head administrator Sara Dunne a brown envelope containing his 2nd appeal of his discharge. He wanted  to present his case to the next board of managers meeting. That meeting was today. And he was not informed of any of it.

Mistake or intentional?

Lets take a good look at the real record of the Veterans home for "denial of due process"

1. When the veteran arrives he does not get a copy of his application contract. So he is not informed properly, and fully of what he is accountable for.   Withholding such information can invalidate the contract, and can be seen as a constructed fraud. This can be taken as denial of civil process.

2. Not being told that although that person might not be able to pay for cost of care, the state veterans trust will, but that the veteran could be held liable later in life, can be seen as denial of due process.

3. Not having a voice in how their money is being spent, is denial of due process.

4. Not giving each man a statement of their cost of care each month, should be seen as denial of due process.

5.The home claiming that they have talked with a veteran on several occasions, prior to discharge, when no such conversations took place, and before the veteran is discharged, could be seen as denial of due process.

6. Being refused access, to address the board of managers, so that a veteran can file an appeal, or discuss an unresolved issue, can be seen as a denial of due process.

Yes, I think we have shown, that denial of due process, civil or otherwise, is standard operating procedure at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

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