Monday, June 3, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Breach of Contract, failure to provide services charged for?

Blogger Z left this comment on another post, but I think it needs to be seen by everyone as he brings up a valid point.  The Dorm unit people are being charged for services they are not getting. This is wasting taxpayer (and if the veteran has a pension or other income, their own) money.

If it is a breach of contract, no one knows, because the veterans are NOT given a copy of the contract they sign, when they apply for acceptance to the home.

BloggerzJune 3, 2013 at 4:37 AM
In response to the nursing issue. We started with 24hr nursing. The midnight shift nurse, Dave would show up for his shift with his guitar, radio, and reading book and would do absolutely NOTHING. After NUMEROUS ID/ISSUE complaints, it took him ACTUALLY trying to bite the finger of a member that he was having a dispute with to get him fired. His position was never replaced. But we were STILL paying for a midnight shift nurse. That left us with 2 nurses. The day shift nurse, after MANY complaints, was transferred to another unit and replaced with an OUTSTANDING Nurse. Unfortunately, she has been gone on medical leave and we don't know when/if she will return. That left us with 1 permanent nurse we all call IT'S NOT MY JOB KATHY. Good luck getting ANYTHING but emergency help out of her. So, on Kathys days off: regular, and the many extra days off she takes at the last minute, the nursing supervisor has to run around just to get us SOME coverage during that day shift. And again, we're paying for PROPER nursing coverage. I will say that the nursing supervisor from what I've seen, does her best with what she's got, but doesn't have a reliable staff. But STILL, we are getting charged $2100.00 a month for sometimes non existent nursing care. Basically, we can never count on having a nurse on duty at any particular time. It's a crap shoot. We are not allowed to go to the pharmacy anymore, and are supposed to get our meds at the Rankin 3 nurses station at 1700hrs to pick them up yet, on several occasions we've gone to pick them up but the lights are off and no ones home, there are on days when we were supposed to have a nurse on duty from 1000hrs-1830hrs. So we are paying part of that $2100.00 for non existant nursing care when, if the state put that money towards helping us move into cheaper housing, we would have all the proper nursing care we need for less money, and saving the tax payers more money

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