Saturday, June 8, 2013

New care givers better than state ones in some ways?

I've been hearing of shortages of care givers on shifts. 2 people on a unit of 40 men, is not enough and its happening a lot. Also lack of proper training.

But today I hear something positive from 3 of the volunteers that I have come to know at the home.

M reported to me, that 2 guys he thought were dead, all of a sudden showed up at the Kozy Corner Pavilion area. Both told him that while they got outside once in a while, no one would bring them down to Kozy Corners.. well one of the new care givers did.  They were very happy as they were seeing old friends who would not wonder down to their end of the complex.

J reported one Saturday he was coming in thru the kozy corners entrance and he saw a guy in one of those big wheel chairs, out in the sun, enjoying it, but tears streaming down his face. When he asked why, the vet replied, "cause it was the first time in 6 months he had been outside".  He was so happy to be there.

So despite some of the problems, these new care givers are showing compassion and care for the vets and gettin' these guys outside and into fresh air.. and that is good thing.

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