Friday, June 14, 2013

Help for homeless veterans on line: yeah right, Spam overload, little if any help.

Both Mac and I have spent the last several days on line looking for help for homeless veterans or veterans with low income, (due to disability or what ever,) or those with a limited income.

Lots of pages are there, who CLAIM to help veterans, but in fact, are nothing but Spam Generators.

I suggest to each veteran, who decides to go online to look for help, first establish a new spam email address, that they will eliminate once they get settled in at a new home.
Something like  (name) or something like that. And use that email address for these websites only.

One website, claims to be helping families with low income, but is in fact, a spam site designed to offer you things you simply do not need: education assistance, job assistance, and ultimately, they want you to pay for a credit check service you don't need.

Still others like  say they will help you with a HUD application, show you 30 some offers of stuff you need no help with, want you to check your credit, and in the end they give you a HUD form and tell you to contact the local office (which they do not show or have any information about).

Another spam site is that claims  that USF specializes in helping families get approved for alternate funding and affordable housing programs. yeah right. This is a SPAM site.

Im going to set up a new email account just for this search and find out how many spam messages are generated by these websites.

Its bad enough the veterans are trying to find information, without having to wade thru thousands of pages of garbage.

This will be updated as information becomes available.

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