Friday, June 14, 2013

This is Veteran Neglect and can turn into abuse.

So I am outside on the pavilion by cozy corners. It's a cloudy bad day of about 67 degrees.
Its 8:30 am and I have a lot of paperwork to do, so I get started. And I am looking to talk to a few of the Dorm unit guys.

I'm basically wasting time there until my VA appointment at the clinic, later that afternoon. And I have LOTS of friends stopping by to say hello, despite what Senior administrative staff members have told others about me.

So its 9am and someone brings this guy down from a unit and parks him by one of the posts that uphold the roof of the pavilion. They make sure he is comfy and then return to their floor to do other things. The old guy is smiling ' cause he is out side. A few other guys in wheel chairs come over and talk to him..

2 hours later, no one has come to check on him. J and I are talking. J goes over to help him as he appears to be needing help. Hes wet himself.

So J take him to his unit, and I go along to finish my conversation with J, and besides, I needed to stretch my legs.

When we get him to his unit, J takes him to the nursing station where there are 3 people sitting there doing nothing of importance.. J tells them the man has had an accident an needs attention, specifically that he wet himself.  Only he did so more directly than what I am saying here.

We walked back to the elevator and turned to wait for it. J noticed not one of the 3 people had gotten up to help the guy, so he went back and this time, forcefully told them that the guy needed help and why. They all jumped with a start, because J used his military voice that time. If he had not, the poor man might have sat there for another half hour or more before getting help.

That is neglect. If it happens more often, its abuse.

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