Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What a CON job Ed, sheesh, have you no morals?

Mlive dot com has an article about a group of people who came to the veterans home and gave gifts today..

Ed Maciejewski, a resident, supposedly asked for a lap top. I about died laughing when I read the following:
" Ed also asked for a computer to pursue a career in information technology. He served as a mechanic in the Gulf War, but said computers have always been his calling.
"Getting back into the IT field has proven to be difficult, but I'm going to keep trying," he said.
Ed was also surprised by having his request met.
"It means a lot, especially because you sometimes think you've been forgotten when you're in a place like this," he said. "It definitely makes you appreciate things a bit more, especially during the holidays."

OMG Ed.. 

 This shows Ed in his scooter..

This is The way his scooter looks.. like a homeless person's bag cart..

The funny thing is, ED can walk. He walks from the dorm unit, to the Member partking area, to use his moms car, (that he uses quite regularly).

It blows my mind to see it reported that ed wants to go into IT.

Information Technology.

"Computers are his calling", BWAHHHAHAH.. 
I call that BULL SH*T!

Why? Because when computers and the internet were available to the Dorm unit members (in 2010, 2011, 2012 and part of 2013), Ed rarely used the computers located at various locations on Rankin 2 and 3.

Remember Greg M.? The guy who got kicked out of the home and now cannot even set foot on the property? He is a computer expert, and twice offered basic computer classes. Ed never showed up to any of them. Greg also repaired several members computers while he was there.

Greg even taught Activities Director for Dom unit, Dianna Knoll, how to use MS word templates to make resumes. Yet Ed never asked him for any help or any information.  Why?

So a guy who had access to resources to help him learn about IT, never took advantage of them. Yet now he uses it as a claim to get a laptop..  Shame on you Ed.. What a con job..

And Bravo to the volunteers who raised the money to get you that laptop. Their heart was in the right place, so I give them credit where its due.. But knowing you and how you treat your fellow veterans, man, I gotta say where are your morals? 

 Want to prove me wrong? We will see if you bother asking Greg for help, when he returns to the home next year after his court hearing.  I know he will help you, if you ask. But I am betting you won't bother.

And yes I can publish your name and pic's. They are public information posted on Mlive.
So you can stop your whining now.


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