Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Wish list

Angry's wish: For the veterans to finally get their smoking room exemption.

Joe's wish: For the duck pond to be dredged, the bridge rebuilt and the fishing doc to be rebuilt and expanded for the fishing derby's held for the veterans.

Greg Mac's wish: To be able to come to visit friends and participate in Guitars for Veterans without threat of arrest for trespassing.

Bill G.'s wish: For the board of managers to remove their heads from their tails and see what is really going on at the home.

Fred L.'s wish: For the kitchen to start making some real food for the guys.

Cheryl W.'s wish: (unknown).

Kevin W.'s wish: For the state congress to finally investigate the home, and come and talk to the vets without staff being present, so that the guys can feel safe talking to them.

Steve T.'s Wish: For the veterans to finally get their independent ombudsman, one that does not sit on the board of managers.

More wishes will be posted as we become aware of them.
Updated 23 Dec 8:30pm

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