Monday, December 23, 2013

Scarry Sherry, here's your 15 minutes of fame!

Laughing my A$$ off on this one guys and gals.  This one is right out of the tabloids at checkout counter.

I just got off the phone with the wife of a veteran at the home who before this, has never called me. She gave me a very interesting report.  And its about Sherry, the staff member who is in charge of wheel chairs and Power Chairs.

Heck, for all I know I have her name spelled wrong and her title wrong as well, but I think those who know the home, know who I am about to talk about.

Sherry is the disabled lady that has her own power chair, and is seen daily scooting thru the halls of the home, usually with a wheel chair or another power chair or another veteran in a power chair or scooter, in tow.  This is the gal with a straight forward attitude and a no nonsense approach to her job, and she does it quite well. And that is why the guys call her scary sherry. She doesn't give them any slack. They either do it correctly or they don't qualify for a power scooter or chair.

Rumor has it she will be retiring at the end of this year. The home won't be the same..Sherry is one of those people who give the home its GOOD character. And although I had limited contact with her, I for one will miss seeing her zipping thru the halls.   That is why I am a bit confused with the report I just got.

So, this wife of this veteran calls me for the first time and asks flat out if I am the one who does the blog. Well of course its me.. who else would it be?  Anyone with half a brain who knows me, knows I do this.

So she tells me this: Recently at a department head meeting, Sherry speaks up about this blog, and some how as made a determination, that since the blog started about the time Richard Ware came to the home, it must be his wife, Cheryel that is doing the blog.. HAHA, Now, how Sherry came to that conclusion, I have no idea. In fact, I have no idea if she even came to that conclusion and this report is totally bogus (false).  But I find it hilarious that this is being reported to me. 

And the Final Jeopardy answer is: Cheryel Ware. The winning question is: Who is NOT running the GRH4V blog?

The fact is Cheryel has contributed a few items. So have several other people.  And its strange that not one staff member has contributed a thing to this blog. Yet the door remains open, despite the other rumor going around that the home's administration is trying to find a legal way to hold the author(s) of this blog, accountable for slander.  It's not going to happen due to the information on the front page.  It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.. and the door was left open for any corrections.. and the silence from the home, means everything posted here is probably correct.  Our bases are covered.

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