Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Veterans and staff at the Grand Rapids Home(?) For Veterans!

I could slap myself for this.. Just realized I hadn't published it yet.. Thought I did yesterday..
Its been sitting here for a week, waiting to be published.

But better late than never!

Just wanted to wish all my fellow veterans at the Michigan Veterans home(?) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a Merry Christmas..

Also extending Happy Holidays to staff members, one and all including but not limited to:

Sara Dunne, - Top Administrator
Gary Davis - Social Services Director
Earnest Meyers - Chairman, Board of managers.
Tiffany Carr - Activities director, and spokes person for the home
James Dunn, Chief of Staff, Michigan Veterans Affairs.

Happy Holidays and drive safely, Bring 'em back alive, as AAA would say.

Without you guys, we wouldn't have anything to write about!  

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