Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Major Blunder by Vets Home Staff Doctor, Causes Grief for Family members at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

We are getting reports of a Major mistake being made by State Appointed Guardian has directly caused a lot of pain and grief on a veteran and his family members by deciding that he was about to die.

Reports are that this veteran went to a  care conference on Monday Dec 2,2013 and was asked about what he wanted to do for end of life decisions.  Apparently Mrs Cynthia Thornbury, who only holds a 2 year sociology degree, made a decision that the veterans MS was in final stages and that he should make plans for the end of this life.

Just one problem. MS has no stages. You do not die from MS.

The family was extremely distraught over this news, and only the next day after consulting with trained medical professionals did they hear the truth - that the veteran is NOT any where near death.

The wife of this veteran reports that his doctor told her that what the guardian did, was cause more damage to the veteran in 45 minutes, than a years worth of medical issues. And to be on the safe side, he has decided to start from scratch with the veteran, having him re-evaluated as if he had never been evaluated at all.

Mrs. Thornbury has no medical training. She should loose her license over this issue, for the pain and suffering she has caused this veteran and his family.

Dec 7, 2013 UPDATE: We received INCORRECT information.  Cynthia Thornbury did NOT repeat, NOT make this decision. IT was discovered that it was Doctor BATES, one of the veterans home's doctors that made the decision that the veteran was in final stages of MS.  

More as it becomes available.

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