Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nasty rumor of private meeting of family members, not open to the public.

I just got a very very disturbing phone call, and the subject of the discussion is now being investigated.

A friend of mine of who thought I knew his dad was at the home, told me that his step mom was talking to him today about his dad. And that his mom mentioned that she was invited to a special private meeting, where they were told that a small handful of trouble makers were upsetting the balance of nature at the home. That they were responsible for the change in the care givers. And that family members were advised to ignore them.

Now a number of questions come to mind.

1. When did this meeting happen, and who held it?
2. Why was this meeting PRIVATE if it concerned the home?
3. Who at the home, hosted the meeting?
4. Who are the "small hand full of trouble makers" the home referred to?

It is fact that the privatization of the care givers has been an ongoing battle to save the state money while maintaining high standards of care giving. And the fact is you get what you pay for. And since they are paying less, they get less; it really isn't surprising that people are complaining.

Second, the Union is still in this fight.

The group who reports things about the home here and on Facebook, (yes we have a face book page now)  could be seen as the group..

Just hard to say who they mean.. but the most troubling part of this is the idea that the home held a secret meeting, open only to a select few members of families with veterans at the home.

We are going to look into this, and update you as soon as we can.

In the mean time, look for us on Facebook under Grand Rapids Home For Veterans Blog #2.
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