Monday, December 2, 2013

THIS is what they do to kill off veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Both of us have posted about Richard Ware, a Navy veteran who is incarcerated against his will at the Michigan Veterans home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Over the years I have heard many things about this mans battle. Some of which are:

Now I just got word that Richard has been labeled by the home as a veteran who is about to die.
At a care conference today, his social worker who demanded the state appoint a guardian over him, didn't even attend his conference.

The conference was about his last days, and how he wanted the home to treat him. 

Richard went to the home due to drinking problems. The social worker demanded he be given a guardian, and Michigan family court Judge David Murkowski  ignored Richards wife's power of attorney, and stripped her of that power without a hearing of any kind.

State guardian Cynthia Thornbury was then appointed guardian. During the next few years, Thornbury and Murkowski, have destroyed this man.

Thornbury sold Richards car. The proceeds are not accounted for.
Thornbury then spent thousands of dollars of Richards money to pay for an attorney for a divorce that Richard did not want. In the end, he did not get the divorce.

Thornbury let Richards ID be stolen twice since she became his guardian. ONE such case was tracked back to the head of Safety at the home, Gerald Thomas who reportedly bought a cell phone using Richards social security number. 

Thornbury refused to allow Richard Wife to have contact with him for over a year and got a court order to back her up. Thornbury destroyed Richards family.

During an attempt to regain control over her husbands future, Mrs. Ware was arrested and put in jail by Judge Murkowski, and her lawyer fined for doing his job and now refuses to talk to Mrs. Ware. Mrs.Ware was given a no contact order and due to the order, Richard was not allowed to go to his Son's Graduation from Bible College because his wife was there.  Mrs. Ware was kept away from her husband for over a year.

Richard Ware originally went to the home due to alcohol addiction problems. He stopped drinking, then his MS kicked in. The guardian refused to let him leave the home. This angered Richard, and they started drugging him with drugs that only a qualified  psychiatrist  should be overseeing. But the veterans home has been in violation of Federal laws for nearly 5 years by not having proper psychiatric staff on campus and available. 

Due to the over drugging, Richard could not perform his physical therapy needed for his legs. The stress put on his body, by the long term exposure to unnecessary drugs and stress from the home not cooperating with Richard has lead him to this point where he is considered to be at deaths door by the home.  He has withered away, from 200 lbs down to 135. They will blame his smoking for his death, not the neglect and abuse of the powerful drugs they forced him to take against his will.

If this man dies within the next 60 days, I sincerly hope Mrs. Ware can find a lawyer that is hungry enough to go after Michigan Judge Murkowski, Guardian Thornbury, and social worker Karen Fugi,
and put them all in jail for violating this mans rights. 

Some kind of intervention must be done to save this man's life.  Please help if you can.

Update: Thornbury Screws up BIG TIME!  Life of Veteran is NOT in danger. Seems Thornbury made the decision to tell him he was about to die, but he is not dying. More on this later.

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