Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas day antics by family member jeopardizes status of veteran at Vets home.

OK By now everyone knows of the happenings at the home, on Christmas Day, at lunch time.

A family member of one of the veterans did not like the homes policy of requiring ID and a proper colored stripe on that ID for a member veteran to be able to eat in the main Dining hall, due to medical concerns for the member Veterans.

Apparently this Family member went off the deep end, and acted in a very immature way by throwing a fit where he used very foul language in front of other members families and children.

Several Families complained to the administration.

Now this individuals actions have had repercussions on HIS family member that is a veteran living at the home. Apparently the administration has put the Veteran on notice, that if such an incident happens again, the veteran will be discharged. The Veteran has no where else to go.  He is in effect, being punished with Guilt by association. And that just isn't right.

And that is the sad part, because the Veteran told his family member to forget it, but the family member went and threw a fit anyways.

Now the Veteran has been put on final notice. And the Family member whose name is not mentioned here, has alienated several friends over this issue, because the friends are standing with the Vets Home on this issue, and not with the Family member who is clearly in the wrong.

We do not even know if the family member knows that a simple phone call was made, and that it was the results of that phone call, that ultimately allowed the veteran member to have a meal in the main dining hall.

The Home has a right to restrict where veterans have their meals, due to special dietary needs. And they have the right to require veterans to prove their status before eating in the main dining hall where no special preparations are made.

And Veterans should have the right not to be put on notice for actions beyond their control by a family member.  In this case, perhaps the family member should be banned from the property. 

Either way the Administration of the home has a duty to protect the veterans in its charge, and this includes possible food problems. That is why the colored strip on the ID Card, and the ID Card Check person, who sits at the head of the chow line, policies were implemented. To protect veterans.

And no one, Adult, child, or veteran should have to stand and watch a grown adult throw a childish  fit because they disagree with the Homes policy. If that is how they feel, they should remove their veteran, or take the issue up with the board of managers, not that they have a clue of whats going on at the home, but they are part of the administration.


On Jun15th, 2014 this article was asked to be pulled by one of the members.
On June 16th, 2014 one of the former members family members asked me to repost it.

It is my decision, therefore to repost it. For additional reasons not stated here.

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