Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why is The Veterans Home begging the public for money for upkeep and repairs?

Does Governor Rick Snyder care about veterans? He says he does. Does the State congress care about the veterans? They say they do.

If that is true, then can someone please leave me a comment, explaining why Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is begging the public for money to pay for repairs and/or upkeep of one of the 3 main buildings that house the veterans?

The McKleish building is the center most building at the home. It has 4 floors. Right now the home is involved in a contest being held by Home Depot, for a major monitory prize, of which the Home has stated in public (on the news media sites), that if it wins the big jackpot, it will use the money to help renovate the 4th floor.

Wait a minute here. Isn't this a STATE owned facility? Isn't the upkeep the responsibility of the State of Michigan?

And why is the home spending money on one of the newest buildings, when the Rankin building which is the oldest of the 3, needs major repair? Case in point: The hole in the ceiling of the Rankin floor 2 shower room that goes all the way up to the 3rd floor!

Now its bad enough that this hole has been there since before 2010, and that there is no vent system in the shower room, to vent the excess moisture from the room.. This means the room is subject to mold build up, and many times veterans have gone in to use the showers, to find the showers themselves and the curtains covered in black mold.

Shouldn't this kind of thing be repaired and fixed before the home dumps money into room changes on the 4th floor in one of the newest buildings?
Please let me know if I am wrong here, but shouldn't the State of Michigan be paying for these repairs?! I know the wheels of government turn slowly, but its 2013 and that hole in the ceiling should have been fixed 3 years ago!

Or do we need to put Sara Dunn or Tiffany Carr in front of another TV camera to beg for money for this repair too?

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