Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who is the Local media protecting? Why are they not reporting this news?

In the previous post, taken from,  1047 works were used to report about the results of the audit of the Grand Rapids Home for veterans. is the website for the local news paper, Grand Rapids Press.
At TV Channel 13, they wrote 267 words.
At TV Channel 17 used 113 words.
At TV Channel 8, - the station that many people consider to be the heart of all news covering Grand Rapids Metro area - NOTHING. Zero. 0 words. The article isn't even mentioned.

My question is this: Who are these media people protecting? Why aren't they reporting about this? It is important, to Michigan taxpayers.

Wood TV, you have disgraced yourself. Shame on you.

And I know for a fact, that at least 3 people over the last 2 years have gone to WOOD for help in exposing some of the stuff going on here, but they never got any help. Seems someone at WOOD is running blocker for someone or something to do with the veterans home.

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