Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stupid people who don't have a clue, just want to spew.

I have been asked to publish this 2 person conversation that took place on Facebook. It concerns the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and the Home Depot contest.

DB writes to GRF: "Kindly spend less time on your butt/plaing games on a computer.If your only remark about the Veterans Home is the audit,it tells me(and others) you're Lazy,self-absorbed,selfish and probably never chose to be kind to a lonely veteran at the facility.Go play a card game w/one of them,stop feeling you're allowed to criticize until you're part of the solution.Signed,HELEN'S Daughter."

GRF responds to DB:  "Lady, you don't know SH*T about me. I have been part of the solution for longer than you have had a brain that actually functioned. I have been politically active in many areas for over 30 years, and only recently focused my attention on the veterans home, because I WAS THERE AS A RESIDENT FOR 2 YEARS, and have decided to do what I can to bring about changes to the home to make things better for the veterans. Many guys feel they are IN PRISON there. That is not good. I have brought up valid points both on comments on the news media pages, and the blog about GRH4V that I co-write, and still maintain.
As for my game playing on line, that is my business as I am retired.. And I can do as I please as I have EARNED my Right to do it.
If you don't like that, move to Russia. "

DB then again responds to GRF : "   You're just vulgar.,and 2 years,well seems they probably made you leave.If you had not been so vulgar,unstable in your published remarks under what I believe to be 2 "names",perhaps people would take your comments seriously,work w/you.I ,too,know many employees,patients,adminitrators,etc at the home,recently had an uncle(highly decorrated veteran) stay there.Problems,yes,but most vets end up there due to their own families deciding to abandon them,if your vet friends feel they are in prison,more reason for you to visit,share your gaming skills,keep advocating for more public and private money.By the way if you know of a specific vet who hates the home,you're retired,money enough to pay for internet,etc,take a vet into your home.That's what true patriots would do.My uncle required skilled care,but we visited him EACH WEEK.Whenwas the last time you visited a vet,or aren't you allowed on the property?I'll pray for you,your anger/bitterness has made you a sad-broken man,probablylonely ,too."

GRF then Sends his final Response to DB: "
You really do not have a clue, do you little girl? Vulgar? I haven't even started. I was there for 2 years and left because it was time for me to leave. I was in the Dormitory unit where I was recovering from major surgery after they took out fragments from my lower back and legs, which I got in Desert Storm. I lost 3 of 5 of my team that day, 2 of them very close friends.
Most vets do NOT end up there because of family abandonment. That is where you don't have a clue.
And yes, I do have another vet living with me.. Its cheaper to live like this, (with a roommate) when government only gives you less than poverty amounts to live on after they use you up.
Lets see. last time I was there.. last Monday. And I will be there next Tuesday as I have another appointment at the VA clinic. I stop in and visit the guys when ever I or John have an appointment at the Clinic. But I don't need to explain all this to you.
The fact is, the home is asking people for money to pay for renovations of one of the newer buildings when the oldest one is falling apart. There as no reasonable reason to shut down the 4th floor of the McLeish building. And since these are State property buildings, why isn't the state of Michigan paying for the renovation and upkeep of those buildings? Isn't that what my tax money is supposed to be paying for (In part)?
Now go and grow up, and when you have accomplished that, maybe you will understand what is really going on there - the fact that Michigan says it cares for its Veterans, yet in truth does not, as it will not pay for upkeep of its own buildings where it houses them."

Blog editors note:

In truth, GRF should also have said that the little girl DB couldn't even write a proper sentence with proper punctuation. She presumed too many things, and that makes people like her look STUPID.

Update: This Person, DB, is a 50 year old, not a 13 year old, who can't even write a proper sentence with proper punctuation.  AND the Mother of this woman, is a resident of the home, but is not a VETERAN! She is the wife of a veteran who got into the home when the home was also accepting spouses of veterans.

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