Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Stealing Gifts given to Veterans - more missing money.

This comes from several sources, and based on my own experience at the home, I have no doubt that this kind of thing is going on.

If you are a homeless veteran with NO income, the veterans home charges some one for your stay. You are given 5 dollars a week for personal use.

If you have a pension, or collect social security retirement or disability, you pay the full amount of the cost of your care. If you cannot pay the full cost, you have pay all that you can except 100 dollars. Anything else, until the amount is paid, must be used to paying off the balance due for that month.

This creates a problem.

If someone gives you money as a gift, you might be able to keep it and use it. But if someone makes a gift to you by depositing money into your bank account - the home takes the money - and you never get it.

According to 3 different people, every year on its birthday, the US Marine Corps deposits 25 dollars into the account of every marine at the home. There is just one problem - the Dorm guys have never seen the 25 dollars.

This is another case of missing money, of donations not getting to veterans, and yet another case of the home stealing from the veterans.

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