Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wanted: 2 used Computer mini tower systems to be donated to veterans in the Dorm Unit.

We are looking for 2 used mini tower computers to be donated to veterans in the dorm Unit.
Both have monitors, keyboards, and mice, but no computer!

We need the computer to be a mini tower, have at least a 250G size hard drive. CPU should be a 1.Ghz or faster, with at least 512M of RAM memory.Preferably DDR2 Memory or DDR3.  And we would appreciate it if they had the motherboard set up disks, and ran windows XP, and if you could include those disks too.

If it runs windows xp, and doesn't take 30 mins to boot up, we can use it, with or without setup disks.

If you have a system you would like to donate, please leave us a comment, with your contact information. It will be kept private. One of our members or volunteers will contact you about picking it up. 

Thank you very much.

Donations made to Veterans for Justice will be given to veterans and not sent to a second hand store.

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