Friday, May 24, 2013

Attn: Congress (State and Fed), Establishing the Residency of a Homeless Veteran?

Definition of a homeless person, someone without a home.

Can a homeless person have a mailing address? Yes, it can be a friend, or relative's home address. That does not mean they live with that person.

Definition of a Resident. Someone who resides, usually within a given boundry such as a state, city or county.

Veteran in the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Dorm unit - A homeless veteran. Yet some consider this to be a residence for that veteran.

You guys in congress need to address this issue. How does one prove residence if you are a homeless person who spends each night at a different location.

John called me today about this.. he is very frustrated. He uses his sisters address as an anchor point, as a mailing address so that if someone sends him something, he will get it sooner or later. His sis calls him on a cell phone, and he goes down to get his mail.  She lives in Kalamazoo county. HE is in Kent, living day to day, some days with friends, some in his car, and now that its summer, he is renting a camp site and living in a tent.  - But he has NO address connection within Kent county.

He went to the new Veterans Center on Century Ave to get help getting a place to live permanently.
He was sent to some city building on Monroe ave, 1120, where there are offices to help homeless people. The Salvation Army is running one of them. He went there and was interviewed to find out his needs. When asked to prove residency he asked HOW?

When he went to get help before, because he uses his sisters address,  Michigan DHS set him up with some help, but his case is in Kalamazoo county, 56 miles south of Grand Rapids where he is. They got him 16 dollars a month food stamps.

The City place told him to have DHS Kalamazoo transfer his file to Kent county. So when he called them and asked them to do so, they asked for AN ADDRESS in Kent county!

How is he supposed to give them an address when hes trying to GET an address?! Very Frustrating.

This is the problem we face.  You guys and gals in congress need to figure this out and fix it.

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