Thursday, August 15, 2013

THIEF ALERT: Veterans home is being raided by a habitual offender.

This last Wednesday, when the Elks club came to do their cook out, an alleged thief visited the home.
He was seen rifling thru the pockets of one of the members.  Security was called, but he was unable to ID the guy as he had left the area by the time they got there.

This guy has been seen on the property before. He usually comes with a 2nd person, in a silver Ford. he likes to hit the guys who are both physically and mentally incapacitated like Marko or Alvin.

Twice in the last year he was seen entering the double doors by Kozy corners and shortly there after leaving with a bag of cans/bottles that we believe he stole from the employees lounge/locker room located by the Barber shop.

We are now on the look out for this guy. He is about 5 foot 8, rough face, sometimes with a stubby beard. Age about 55 or so. If you watch him he is constantly looking around as if he is trying to find something or someone.

We are on the look out for him and will try to get a photo of him. If the home was video taping the security cameras yesterday they should have him on tape, as he walked right down the center of the drive way from the Bike shop all the way down to the Pavilion before he left.

If you see anyone like that, please notify security immediately.

I for one will not tolerate a thief. I will not put up with anyone who steals from veterans, nor anyone who works for the home, who steals a members' car via the towing authority. 


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