Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friday's Stand Down at the Veterans Out Reach Center

This past Friday saw a "stand down" at the Veterans outreach center located on Century street just north of Hall street, next to the west side of the 131 express way.

Many different agencies were there, including legal help, but Physical therapy group did not show.
Medical check ups, free hair cuts, new dog tags, and many other things were offered.
Lots of people showed up, but I was disappointed once again, with the clothing situation. Same stuff that they had at the so called clothing room, at the veterans home. Nothing in Plus sizes, (4x and above).  They were giving out duffel bags with backpacks in them, but ran out of them around 12:30 or so. 

The average wait time from the time you turned in your paper work till the time you got your name called, (to go in and see the people and get your meal ticket) was over 2 hours.

The meal served was Brauts or hamburgers, Chips, fruit cup,  and beans. Pepsi products or water was also offered, no Coke products.

Also, music was provided as well. And a drawing for prizes was help.

It seems they had a bigger turn out than they expected, and if they have another one, I suggest they plan on the number doubling again. - but they need to find a better way of getting the guys in and out without them waiting in line for 2 hours. In the 2 hours I stood there, no one came by to offer any one any water or anything and many guys finally stepped out of line to go outside and get some water and have a smoke, only to have their name called as soon as they got outside!

1 out of 10, I give them an 8 for effort, with room for improvement.

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