Friday, August 30, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Good by Stinky, Greyhound therepy is about to be applied.

Once again the Grand Rapids Home for veterans is NOT going to help a veteran who needs help.

I've posted here about Stinky, one of the guys in the Dorm unit, who will not take a shower, and who wears his clothing until they disintegrate off of his body.  He is also a hoarder.

On the eve of the home FINALLY getting a full time Physiologist to help veterans with mental health issues, the home is still practicing its "greyhound" therapy procedures. In other words, rather than help them, they kick 'em out.

Stinky was given 10 days out when he failed to take a shower when told to do so. Next he will either be sent to Pine Rest or Battle Creek.

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