Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for veterans: Preventing Wives from seeing their Husbands.

I told you before on this blog, the Veterans Home is using the guardian laws to stop wives from seeing their husbands. I have 2 reports for you today.

2 days ago I was at the home for the weekly Guitars for Veterans (registered charity) class, and I talked to one of the older guys sitting at the Pavlovian.  Ive known him for over 3 years now. He is a quiet man, that bothers no one, and just sits out there reading his books and magazines.

He told me he just found out his wife had been going to court every other month, and that he now had to appear in court. Because he was refusing to take drugs that he did not need. His daughter is a OR RN and she tells him what the drugs do.

He is currently his own guardian. And that because he has had difference of opinions with staff members, and chooses his own healthcare, that the home is claiming he is not cooperating. Therefor want to drug him up so that he can no longer think for himself. He told them that he didn't want to end up being a zombie, like Richard and some of the others were..

So now the home is trying to get a court to declare him incompetent so that they can become his guardian.

In other words, they are saying - if you don't do what we say, we will use the courts and enslave you.
Because that's what happens when the courts assign a guardian to you, and take away your freedom and your rights.

And this happens More and more often at the so called HOME for veterans.

The second story, is one of similar circumstances.  A Veteran and his wife of 59 years, is about to celebrate 60 years of marriage and the home has forbidden her from taking him out to dinner. Or for her to come to the home and have a little dinner party for him. All under the guardian laws.

This lady has written a letter pleading for help, and when I get permission to publish it, I will.

 The home is gearing up for another round of asking the courts to declare veterans to be incompetent, and then they get a guarding assigned, and after that, they systematically take the veterans assets while they destroy his family.


A congressman from Michigan came thru the home last year and said he was amazed no one had gone postal yet..  it is just a matter of time.. and when it happens, the staff is going to run in fear, for they have earned it.

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