Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poor Healthcare continues at the Grand Rapids "home" for Veterans.

Recently James Dunn, chief of staff for the state's Department of Veterans Affairs, stated to the Michigan legislature that the veterans home is providing excellent care for the veterans. I called him a liar. 

Today I stopped in and visited some of the guys, and asked them how it was going. One of the old timers who had been there for a while, said he was concerned that every day it seemed he had a new care giver. And that it bothered him. This, some several months after J2S took over the job.
Also, that yesterday their meal was delivered half an hour late, and he sat there waiting for another half hour before he was served his dinner - and when he got it it was room temperature cold.  In health terms it means that is when bacteria starts growing on the food. NOT a good thing. And he said its happening more and more often.

Another guy complained that the staff came into his room the other night at 1am, and turned on all the lights, so that they could deliver bottles of water to the guys. Then 1 hour later, did it again, to deliver laundry, then an hour after that, to continue delivering another load of laundry. This woke the guy up 3 times, and he said its no wonder the guys are getting cranky - they keep waking us up in the middle of the night.

I also noticed, that it seemed to me that many of the guys are being over medicated. I talked to several of the Dorm unit guys who work as volunteers or in one case, one who does laundry for the guys, and they all said they too have seen what appears to be an intentional overdosing of some of the guys.

Another fellow told me that recently the charge nurse stopped him from taking a drug, because it was not on his list of medications. Yet the pill was in his med cup. The nurse told him that if he had taken it, he would have gone on a mental trip and probably not returned, as it would have killed him. She asked how he got the pill but knew who ever set the med's up, made a mistake. We do not know if anything was done about it.

If this is the excellent care James Dunn was talking about, I cannot wait for him to retire and come live at the veterans home. I am sure it won't take long for them to overdose him too.

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