Saturday, August 3, 2013

Open books and better accounting practices needed at Veterans Home.

I have been thinking about this for several weeks, since the audit report came out.  What is needed at the Veterans home is an open book policy, enforced by the State legislature.  Accounting practices need to be put into place so that any individual with at least a high school education can open the books and see where money is flowing into and out of the home.

What came in, and where it went.
Donations, came in, and how they were used.

Right now as the system stands, no one knows where the money goes. For the most part it is perceived that the money gets dumped into the general fund, then doled out as needed; this is not what people who donate want to see happen.

Because of this practice, funds donated for projects get used for other things, and the projects then never get done.   This what is called abuse or mismanagement of funds. It is what common people call robbing peter to pay paul.

The cost of care for each veteran should be made clear to them at the beginning of their residency. And once each year they should be updated. A monthly or bi-monthly statement, should be provided to them (or their guardian) showing costs, and expenditures. Showing where money came in, and where it went out, and how it was used to provide for care.

Forcing veterans to pay for substandard meals, should be seen as a criminal act.
Billing veterans for services not rendered, is fraud and is a crime.

Taking away their bingo money, treats, and activities that make living at the home bearable, is an insult to every man or woman who put on the uniform.  It needs to be changed.

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