Friday, November 23, 2012

Vets Home Under investigation.

I cannot keep this to myself any longer.

Due to this blog and several other postings on various other websites, I have been contacted by no less than 4 different government organizations in the past 72 hours. 3 of these are directly involved in investigations of things going on at the veterans home. Two of these are federal and one is State. The 4th one was a general inquiry due to this blog and was from a federal congressional representatives office.

Some of the information has been passed on to other veterans at the home, and veterans who were at the home.

While I cannot tell you exactly what exactly is being investigated, I can tell you the basic nature of the investigations.

One deals with the health care being given or not being given to veterans who need it. This includes mental as well as physical health.

Another deals with members and their financial situations.

And another deals with lack of critical information being given to the veterans, which would allow them to make informed decisions.

Two of the investigations involve possible criminal charges, the third one may involve civil charges being brought.

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