Friday, November 2, 2012

Update: Appeals Hearing for Mac.

Mac, aka Greg from the Dom unit, who started this blog for me, called me yesterday. I just got back from my trip to Ann Arbor, and talked with him this morning.

As many know, he got kicked out of the home on 10 Oct 2012, because he thought they were intending to steal his car by using the impound laws, so he lost his temper and blew up - first time in the 2 years he was at the home. And the only trouble he had been in, during that 2 year period.

His appeal hearing with the Board of managers is scheduled for Wednesday the 14th of November, at 9:15am, in the Boardroom of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Supporters are encouraged to meet him at 9am, and attend the hearing. 

He also said that he will be at the Clinic this next Thursday, the 8th of November, in the afternoon.. so about 3 to 5 pm he will be over by the clinic woods area..

He jokingly said he is not parking his car anywhere in the home area, and will only park it in the clinic area.

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