Thursday, November 15, 2012

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, are you doing anything to solve this problem?

"Two years ago when I was taking office, we looked at how our veterans were being treated in the state, and it was simply unacceptable," Governor Snyder said. "We weren't doing the job we needed to do in terms of helping our veterans find jobs, in terms of educational opportunities, and in terms of health care benefits. Our veterans have earned it, and we need to deliver, and we are going to deliver."
 From the monthly email newsletter from the Governors office, called "Re-inventing Michigan"   November 12, 2012 edition.

Well Rick, all I can say is WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG?!!  What have you done to help the veterans at the Veterans home in Grand Rapids?  Why aren't the veterans in the Dormitory unit getting the help they need? Why have you allowed Sara Dunne to turn it into a glorified FLOP HOUSE that kicks out veterans who need help but aren't getting it?
You say that how veterans are being treated is unacceptable? Well when are you going to get off your tail end and do something about it?  Health care is both physical and mental for these guys. And many of them at the Veterans home are not getting what they need, if they get any at all!
So lets see what Rick says next time.  Maybe then he will have something to show us.. Because if the way things are at the Grand Rapids Veterans home is an example of his idea of "taking proper care of our veterans", then Michigan will go down in history as the second state that doesn't give a damn about its veterans.

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