Friday, November 30, 2012

Calling for Help: Please Help this Imprisoned Veteran

This is a general call for help. If you are reading this blog, we need your help in dealing with a situation that has gone on long enough. Contact your local VA, your Local Veterans representatives, your congressman both state and federal, anyone who will listen and try to help these guys.

Both Mac and myself have posted on this blog about 2 different cases of veterans who live at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Fred Plicta, and Richard Ware.

We call for the investigation of the activities of Cynthia Thornbury, a guardian who has a history of abusing veterans by her incompetence.

Richard Ware, who has been fighting  her almost since the day she was assigned to him, is at his wits ends. He feels imprisoned  and has taken on a fighting attitude towards anything Thornbury does.

Thornbury is guilty of trying to force Richard into a divorce he did not want. Of selling his car without his permission and not accounting for the proceeds. For twice letting his ID get stolen and used by other people. For almost financially ruining his wife, and 2 children. For denying him the right to go to his son's own graduation. For using his personal funds to pay for health care that is supposed to be covered by the VA, because Richard is 100 percent service related disabled. Amongst other charges.

I will not go into the charges for Fred Plicta's case.

Now I am told that Richard has had to make a choice - Either take Behavioral altering drugs, or be forced to leave the home, as they are saying he is becoming violent.  This means putting him into a private nursing home which is what he DOES NOT NEED, and it means he will have to pay for it all out of pocket, leaving nothing for his wife and children.  Again Thornbury is trying to destroy Richards family and isolate him from them. Richard is not getting violent, he is very upset and not cooperating with staff that keep making mistakes with his medications amongst other things. Richard has MS.

Well, when you get woken up at 4am and asked if you were sleeping, wouldn't you get upset? When you are forced to watch yourself and family be victimized by someone, wouldn't you be upset? If you felt imprisoned with no way out, wouldn't you be upset? Richard is very very upset and no one is listening to him. Others have tried including a lawyer who represented Mrs.Ware at a hearing. Judge Murkowski apparently went beyond the authority of a judge and held the lawyer in contempt and fined him for doing his job - representing Mrs. Ware's interest in all of this.

Maybe Murkowski is another Judge Post who is currently facing disbarment charges.

It is high time to get rid of Thornbury and to demand her license to be a guardian permanently revoked. and if possible, bring her up on criminal charges as well.

I will update this post as information becomes available. In the mean time, Here is come contact information that I hope will help.

 Honorable David M. Murkowski, Chief Probate Judge, (616) 632-5428    

Michigan Probate Court.
180 Ottawa Avenue NW, Suite 2500
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 632-5440
Fax: (616) 632-5430
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
Filings accepted from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Cynthia Thornbury     No Photo Available.
National Certified Guardian
Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: (616) 459-9247
Date to Recertify: 10/31/2013

The Center for Probate Litigation, located in metro Detroit Michigan, Call them at 248-641-7070 for a free consultation.  This article is not intended to substitute for proper legal advice and is based entirely on Michigan laws.

Michigan Department of Attorney General

Lansing Office
G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
525 W. Ottawa St.
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, MI 48909
Main Number (517) 373-1110

Facsimile (517) 373-3042

 Grand Rapids Office
State Office Building, Suite 4C
350 Ottawa NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 356-0400
Facsimile (616) 356-0411

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