Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vets Home finally disposes flags properly.

I got a call yesterday about an ongoing issue at the Veterans home, about how they are disposing of used Federal Flags. Apparently they are not disposing them or caring for them properly. Members (veterans) have caught them at this dastardly deed, and the Home's response seems to be making the areas where the flags are being stored to be off limits for members. The area is in the maintenance department building.

I don't have all the details yet, but will be getting them soon, and will post an update here.

Ok an update.

Apparently there is this big HUGE flag that flys between two trees on the south wast corner of the main entrance area. These flags are like 20 by 15 feet or so, (not sure of the dimensions of them). Well, 2 of the veterans found some of these used flags just piled up in a pile in the maintenance shack.  They also saw one of them piled on one of the Gator trucks used by the lawn staff. One even took pictures of it.

Well, they got angry and took the problem to Gary Davis, head of Dept of Veteran Affairs at the home.

The good news is the flags have been properly disposed at a local crematorium, and they are now holding flag raising and lowering ceremonies. The flags will be properly disposed of in the future.

Thanks to the vigilance of 2 of the veterans. 

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