Sunday, May 3, 2015

1 Doctor overseeing Thousands of Veterans mental health care?

Got a call today. Someone told me there is 1 doctor overseeing all the psychiatric decisions for all the veterans in west Michigan.

Some service, as the one the Vets home is using.  The chain of command consists of 1 licensed doctor, and a ton of Nurses, Nurse practitioners, and Physicians Assistants, who make reports. The doc reads the report and approves medication recommendations made by the Nurses, NP's and PA's. Many medications are the kind that are highly controlled.

This gives cause to wonder if many of our veterans are being misdiagnosed, and or over drugged.
 Relying on less qualified people to provide information to 1 doctor, who should be seeing these men, is not a good idea nor medical practice.. we need solid evidence of this..

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