Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No room for homeless veterans at Vets home > News 8 Did we ‘end homelessness in 10 years’?


Wood TV 8 did an article about the Homless in Grand Rapids.

On their website, one of our veterans left this comment:

Well, we have a VETERANS home what ONCE was built to house the veterans that were found in poor houses after the civil war.

Now today, they have a dorm unit on 2 floors of one building with the capability of housing about 200 guys and they have 42 residents because that RINO Rick Snyder doesn't want to fund the trust fund that pays the 2100.00+ a month the home charges to have a veteran in the DORM unit. There is no mental health counseling available to them, no substance abuse counseling to them. Its become a glorified flophouse for the chosen few.

The administration of the place is a political joke.  Sara Dunne the current top administrator's last job was running the kitchens, and one of the homes doctors for the nursing units was issuing medication for which he had no license to do so for over 4 years. Some say it resulted in the deaths of several veterans from overdosing.

And the 4th floor of one building was shut down for "renovations" 3 years ago and still has not yet been completed and probably won't be in my life time the way that place is being run.. The homes population now is about 425, it used to be over 750

Under the new political rules, there is no room for the homeless veterans at our vets home because it costs the state too much money. 

Lotta the homeless in GR are Veterans..

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