Sunday, May 3, 2015

Is there a Dr Mengele at the Michigan Veterans home?

I've kept my big mouth shut, sitting there listening to reports and rumors. Watching things happen and pondering the evidence that was being put in front of me.

I will not name names here. But any informed individual will come to the proper conclusion as to whom I am writing about.

There are many problems with the current administration at the Michigan Veterans Home in Grand Rapids. Ever since the last top Administer left,  people have said that choosing the person who at the time was head of the kitchens to replace him, was not a good idea. Even with the fact that she was not qualified at the time and had to go back to school to get proper accreditation to be able to even APPLY for the job.

She has been in charge, more or less since Mid 2010. Everything that this blog has reported about has happened under her "watch".

The latest scandal is about a Medical doctor who went unlicensed for a number of years while prescribing heavily controlled psychotic drugs to veterans, many of whom are believed by outsiders and family members to have died from over doses of those medications.

We have reported this to local news media, Local Health officials, Michigan government agencies and its all getting swept under the rug, as if nothing has happened.

What is going on here?? 

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