Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Old issues still NOT addressed by Administration.

This is an update to the list of issues not addressed by the administration of the home. The original post of June 12, 2012, listed about 12 issues. These 2 have once again come to light due to occurrences at the home. Updates appear under each.

Mail tampering, no mail system is existent, no safe guards in place.    All Members mail is opened by the staff, because most of us signed a statement allowing them to open it for purposes of doing the payment paperwork. That is to take care of the paperwork dealing with Social Security or our pensions, and such.    However, this privilege has been abused by the people who open the mail - and we have found out that many are volunteers - strangers opening our mail. And things we need to get are not getting to us.  This is NOT a valid "home" mailing address, but is listed as a business - yet for veterans it IS our home, and our address.. US Post office does not deliver mail here - it is picked up at the post office by one of the grounds workers who then transports it from the GR Post office to the home.  We need a post office, for the home, like the ones in the military. Where people ARE  held accountable for the mail they handle..

 Update: There is now an issue about veterans not getting their absentee ballots. This is a direct violation of their right to Vote, and also is an example why the home needs to have its Resident Mail procedures re-written and new procedures put in place with accountability clauses added.

 Kitchen and Dining, The food is a threat to the health of veterans. Meals served cold, Under cooked food, poor variety of available choices. Too many empty calories and carbohydrates. This has been an ongoing issue for over 2 years now. The food here is actually a health risk for many veterans. And we are tired of talking to the Staff who refuse to do anything about it. Many veterans scam the home by eating 2 and 3 meals at each meal setting by eating a meal on their units, then go down to the main dining hall and eating 2 meals there.  All units have dining areas in their units except for the Dorm unit, which must use the main dining hall for their meals.

Update: The home is no longer (as of June 1st 2015) allowing staff, volunteers, visitors or guests to purchase a meal from the homes main cafeteria,  where residents from the Dorm unit eat their meals. This practice has been a violation of law for several years, but was overlooked and allowed to continue by inspectors. Now the law is being enforced. The home can apply for a low cost needed license to do so, but may not due to poor management of the cafeteria and food budgets. Visitors, and guests will have to bring their own meals, or go elsewhere to eat. Staff and volunteers will have to bring their own or again, go else where. But currently there is no where for some of these people to store their lunches, or meals, until they are needed, other than in their car - if they bring a car to the home. For those who ride the bus, their choices will be extremely limited.

Also mice have been seen running around the dining area while residents were eating meals. Not a good thing for the home.

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