Sunday, February 22, 2015

Listen Up Veterans at the Home.

Ya know, I'm getting tired of hearing reports from various people who are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to help veterans at the home. People who complain to me about what veterans say behind their backs if they are not able to help them immediately the way the veterans wants them to. 

Another one decided today that they would no longer be helping the veterans at the home directly. Only indirectly through donations to the home.

The Selfishness and self centered attitudes of Veterans need to change. You guys are driving people away from you who COULD and WOULD help you. You need to show some appreciation for those who are willing to help.  -- Especially now, when  you have driven away so many and there aren't many anymore who are willing to even TRY to help you.

You are running out of people. 

And you are doing it to yourselves. Stop complaining about it. You did it.

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