Monday, February 16, 2015

Update on Ron Stowitts, Latest successful escapee from Veterans home!

From Cathy Anderson- Stowitts:  
Up date on Ron. He is at Burcham Hills in Lansing and has settled in well. He has completed his 100 days of intensive rehab and is now getting restorative therepy 3 days a week learning to reuse his contractured hand and other adl . He has a terrific room mate and is social and stays busy. Ron has ben smoke free since Sept 29. We bring him to our house often and visit him 2 to 3 times a week and we call in between. He has special shoes now that help him balance and can transfer to bed and to the toilet without help.. They are working on him taking a few steps and regaining some of his skills. Gaining eight and so help me I am not kidding....... hes clean and so are his cloths and he has clean hair too. The Staff are wonderful with each and every resident and Ron is happy. His depression has been addressed and that's so much better. He thinks so often of his pals at the Home but says hes lucky to be where he is. We feel very blessed to have him alive. Thanks everyone for your concern and good wishes. 
Ed Note: For those who want to know.. Ron had an accident at the home while trying to use a toilet. This lead to his being sent to a rehab hospital. While there, he and his wife decided Ron was not going to return to the Vets home.
He is doing much better now that he is out of that hell hole.   This is proof that the Home is unfit for human habitation, if you ask me..
I remember Ron telling me many times, how the home was trying to force him to take medication for a family disorder that he did not show any signs of having.. And the year long battle the home had with his wife, trying to impose a state guardian on him..  a guardian he did not need.
Ron has avoided that, and is doing much better. He escaped the death trap the home has become for many.
 And Jim Dunn tells the legislature the home provides excellent quality care for our vets - bullsh*t!

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