Sunday, February 2, 2014

For the Record, Dr. Edgar set the standard for Professionalism at the Home.

Guys, post this to the blog:

Look, I cannot speak for the others. But it is well known in the Rankin Dom unit that there are a few people who think Doctor Edgar is a quack.

For the record I am NOT one of them.

Doc Edgar reminds me of an old country Doctor. His manner was always professional, and he did a lot for me while I was at the Dom Unit.  It was Doc Edgar who sent me to Ann Arbor to have my heart checked out, which resulted in our finding out I had serious heart issues. This lead to the life saving operation (quad bypass).

Then when I returned and was recovering, Doc Edgar and I worked on the edema in my lower legs and were still working on it when I got kicked out of the home.

I have never bashed Doc Edgar, and never will. He set the example of professionalism for his trade, unlike the others in the administration who acted very very unprofessionally while I was there.

I have and will continue to have praise for the way Doc Edgar treated me while I was at the home.

For the record - By Greg M.

Ok Greg, here it is, just as you sent it to us - The Ed.

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