Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For the Record, the purpose of this Blog.

For the record: This blog is not here to ruin the reputation of the Michigan Veterans Home at Grand Rapids, nor the reputation of any member of the Staff, Administration, or Board of Mangers.

The purpose of this blog is to report the truth about what is happening at the home, to give the veterans there a voice they do not have or are afraid to use, and to bring about positive change in the way the administration of the home is carried out.

This blog reports the good and the bad, of what is going on at the home, when people report things to us, or when one of the 2 blog authors visits the home and sees things worth reporting themselves.

Update: In the 2+ years not one staff member of the home, administration, or board of Miss-managers, has commented on any of the articles here. And I know for a fact several of them are reading this blog. How do I know? They told me. 

They know who runs this blog, they know who writes most of the stuff. Yet they go around asking people "who runs the blog", acting as if they don't know. 

That is because instead of using their energy and so called intellect to improve the living conditions at the home for the veterans who are living there, they are instead choosing to play stupid little childish games.  

- The Ed.

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