Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This is VA service to veterans OUTSIDE the home, is an insult to every veteran.

Joe here folks. Just wanted to share with you some information I just found out about from 3 other veterans.

Seems the VA is canceling  Travel pay for a lot of non service related disabled veterans who are using the VA as their main source of medical care. Now these people are being told they have to use the shuttle services..

And what a service! Its slower than greyhound and worse than the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans bus!

You get to catch a shuttle at the GR clinic that goes to Battle Creek. Then you sit around all day twiddling your thumbs, and you spend the night at their "hoptell" if you are going on to Ann Arbor. The NEXT day you continue to Ann Arbor!  So you get to Ann Arbor and go to your appointment and then if you get out in time, you can catch the shuttle back to Battle creek.

If not, you spend the night at the Ann Arbor "hoptell", and then go to Battle Creek the next day, and spend the night there, AGAIN, and then catch the shuttle to Grand Rapids.  5 days in all for  1 or 2 appointments in Ann Arbor. - but its FREE to veterans.  It's a Fu-*ing INSULT to every veteran is what it is.

Yep, I finally found something worse than "hurry up and wait".. its "hurry up and travel and wait and wait and wait and travel and wait and wait.."

And they do not pay for your meals for those 5 days.. THIS is the VA for you.  You are better off going to the local emergency room. The VA should be for ALL veterans.

The VA is Broken, it needs to be disbanded and disassembled and the veterans allowed to go to local hospitals for treatments.

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