Thursday, January 30, 2014

Commentary on August 2013 Board of Managers Minutes for Michigan Veterans Home.

Contrary to the reports of the Michigan Veterans home board of managers minutes of August 2013, I am not aware of any group that is actively trying to ruin the reputation of anyone at the home; Administration or board of managers. 

If what they (the board or the administration) do is wrong and we report it, well, that is not ruining a reputation that is simple reporting on what is really going on. Seems to me someone over there has a guilty conscience. And does not want people to know what is really going on at the home.. 

Is this the real reason they are threatening Greg M with a trespass arrest, if he attempts to come and visit one of the guys there?

Also,  the August 2013 board meeting minutes says that one of the managers went to a Dom meeting with only 3 people showing up and no complaints. Maybe that is because the home has kicked out 90 percent of the Dom unit over the last 2 years, (45 people or so now verses over 125 previously) and most stopped attending the Dom unit functions back in august of 2012 when they determined that going there was a waste of time. So of course the board manager didn't get anything from the meeting.

The Board of Managers tried to put a nice spin to the minutes. But as usual, they don't have a clue.

Day late, and a dollar short, and Meyers claims he runs the place. BWHAHAHA. He is another one that doesn't have a clue. 

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