Sunday, January 12, 2014

I am your worse nightmare.

Editors note: This was submitted by an anonymous person and I feel compelled to post this despite that fact, as it exposes several critical issues. - AC.

Blog owners:
On the corner of my desk sits an ever growing stack of paperwork, all relating to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. It contains complaints from the veterans, issues about the Home and its administrators as well as reports out of Lansing. I started to look thru it today and felt compelled to write another article for the Blog. Needless to say, I am furious and very frustrated.
Several years ago, I started to gather information about what was really going on behind the doors of the Home. When reading these reports, the average reader would be shocked. The Press would be embarrassed and our elected state leaders would probably wonder when the recall petitions would start.
I am going to inform you of a few things that I think you need to know. A couple of years ago, a young woman from WZZM collected hundreds of pages of data about numerous issues going on at the home. Her and her camera man did numerous video interviews. This went on for several months. She interviewed family members as well as veterans. She gave those involved her personal assurance that she would help. She did nothing.
I have copies of several news stories from reporters from WOOD. They were very good at opening the can of worms that led to my Inquiries but then they stopped. They didn’t pursue it. I guess they did nothing too.
A couple of months ago, the Grand Haven Tribune did an article which led me to believe that they would pursue the real issues at the Home. They indicated in their article that there was much more that needed to be investigated beyond the privatization issue of health care workers. Did they do anything more? They sure didn’t.
We have had many members of our elected state legislature involved. They have been met with and conversed with for many hours. They make promises and then hide. They don’t return phone calls. They have gone so far as to leave a Committee that might be of help to the veterans so they wouldn’t have to be involved. For not keeping their promises, shouldn’t they be recalled?
I have reports of immoral acts performed by members of the Administration of the Home. What can be defined as Immoral? That is easy. When the Head Administrator is performing sexual acts on the Board Room table, I call that immoral. When she bends over in front of veterans at the front entrance, wearing a very short skirt, allegedly pulling weeds, is that proper? I call it immoral. When a social worker holds the hand of a veteran at a care conference, with his wife in the room, assuring him that she will do whatever she can to get him the divorce he wants, I call that immoral too. Don’t you?
What is really going on here? The Press has shown that they don’t care. The men we elected in Lansing could care less. I was reading the recent Board of Managers meeting minutes. Sara Dunne reported that the Family Conference was a big success but she was disappointed at the low turnout. Wake up Sara! You only sent the invitation to those you figured would not ask questions. It looks like the poor attendance is a reflection of how family members truly feel about the care their loved one Is receiving. Too many are concerned about the repercussions that could happen and has happened to many.
Where does all this leave us? It would seem that we are now forced to live with a socialist democratic mentality. Our State leaders are government employees who collect a nice salary to allow the continued abuse and neglect of our veterans. When it comes to election time, remember that they have this job because we voted for them.
To the media sources that I referenced, they are a joke. Their lack of action shows they don’t care. They are great at making promises though.
There has been much concern around the Home on who is responsible for the Blog. Anonymity is necessary as we are concerned about the repercussions. To quote John Rambo, I will say this. “I am your worse nightmare.”
     - Anonymous

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