Friday, January 10, 2014

Why are veterans being refused access to the clothing room at the Michigan Veterans Home? Updated

Reported 3 times in the last 4 days. Something is going on at the clothing room, at the veterans home.

Dorm Unit people who normally have unrestricted access to the clothing room during regular hours have been refused access for 3 weeks according to 2 of the reports. The lights have been left on for 24/7 and there seems to be some kind of activity going on in side, late at night.

I remind the readers, that the veterans home is not required by law to provide clothing of any kind to the veterans.

Veterans in the Dorm unit, who have limited income, are allowed 100 dollars a month, and those with no income, get 5 dollars a week from the Michigan Trust Fund, to buy personal items. The clothing room was started as a place for people to donate clothing items for the veterans. And many of the men and women in the dorm unit, depend on that clothing room.

So what is going on here. Are they still sending truck loads of donated items to "in the image", a second hand store down on Division Avenue, near Burton? 

Something fishy going on here..

UPDATE 16 Jan 2014.

This just reported to us:

"The weekly schedule states that the Clothing Room is temporarily only open for nursing units and clothing requests for the members. This happens every year, as many new items had been donated over the Holidays. The Clothing Room crew is in the process of reorganizing to remove the used items and get the new items out on the racks and shelves. If these members had voiced their concerns to the appropriate people, the explanation would have been given to them. Furthermore, if someone was worried about the lights being on 24/7, as you say, that should have been reported to Security immediately. At the present time, in that building, is the Clothing Room, Bait Shop, Donation Center, and the NCO Club. The only light that I know of that is on 24/7 is the light in the hallway facing the pond.  There is, and always has been, a security light in the Clothing Room.   The Clothing Room will be reopened to all members January 27. If there are any more complaints, let those people know to go to the appropriate people for the answers. Thank you. "

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