Monday, January 20, 2014

No Uniformity in Policy Enforcement; Old news to many at the Veterans home.

I wasn't even going to write this. But today one of the guys called me and asked me to take him to the store. So off we went and after talking to him, I decided to go ahead and write it.

I was at the Clinic Thursday, getting an x-ray and picking up some new meds, when I found myself talking to a few of the guys from the home that was over there.

It is being reported that several of the guys have filed complaints with the administration about Ed M. parking his moms car at the chapel entrance in violation of the winter parking policy that got Greg M thrown out of the home.  

The members to talked to me said that Greg got a towing citation on his car, and Ed has left his moms car out there for 3 days at a time without getting a towing citation. 

Further, the year Greg was there, was a very very mild winter, not like the normal one we are having this year for the first time in nearly a decade.  Yet nothing has been done to Ed M.  

Well, when I got home I called Greg, and he reminded me that he was kicked out not because of his car being parked out in front of the chapel entrance, but because of they way he replied to the towing citation and what he said when he replied.

Never mind the fact that Ernie, Sara, Gary, Gerald, Josh, Dianna, and more are only a few weeks from getting their subpena's handed to them, as part of Greg's lawsuit.

The fact is, that the home has done nothing to Ed for doing the same thing Greg was doing, is proof that the policy enforcement is not now, nor ever has been consistent.  Ed should have been given a towing citation by now, as often as he parks his moms car in that wrong area.

And this is old news.. if they can't maintain consistency in this simple policy, think how bad they are at anything else..

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