Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Settting the record straight, This Blog and Veterans for Justice.

Let me make this perfectly clear, and as simple as I can.

This blog has NOTHING to do with the Non profit group Veterans 4 Justice which was created by veterans who live at the State of Michigan veterans home, called the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

The author of this blog was living at the home, but he is no longer there, as he was discharged for political reasons, or because of poor administrating, and was refused proper due process.

The author of this blog was dishonorably discharged from the veterans home because he lost his temper for the first time in the 2 years that he was there. He got angry and responded in kind when the home threatened to tow his car away. He perceived their actions to be the administration to be threatening to steal his car, therefore when he responded in kind, he was targeted for removal. And many believe because he used this blog to expose the corruption and abuse of veterans, going on at the Home.

The Former Vice president who helped get the Non Profit Group Veterans 4 Justice started, left the position of Vice President of the non profit group Veterans For Justice when he was unable to attend meetings and none of the other group officers were keeping him informed as to what was going on at the meetings.

Also, he found himself in the middle of another 2 other NPG (non profit group) officers whom were about to resign their positions for their own reasons.

The final straw came when The Former Vice President wrote an opinion on what he thought was going on and asked it to be posted it to this blog. Jerry L, the President of the organization, called him, attacked him verbally and told him he was stupid and did not know what he was talking about.

That post lasted 1 day and was removed.  And since then, the former Vice President has wiped his hands clean of that organization.

The Former Vice president wishes the NPG the best of luck, now and in the future, but with the understanding that he cannot be a part of it any more, nor will he be,  in any future.

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