Friday, January 18, 2013

Leaving them in the cold to die like in 2011?.

I stopped by the Vets Home the other day. Had to go to the clinic to do some medical.  So I waddled over to the smoking tent with my cup of warm coffee and had a smoke while talking to a couple of people.

The air smelled of depression and despair, with a side of monotony.

While I was there I was told that they lost 5 guys in one weekend due to the Flu/Pneumonia outbreak.

I am told that the heat system in the Smoking tent broke down and went unrepairable for several days.

I am told that at night, the administration is now locking doors. And if a person gets caught standing outside those doors, after they get locked, they get written up - Then I was told that the 2 slider doors going out to the smoking tent were locked, forcing the guys to go out thru the front entrance and to walk all the way around the building to get to the smoking tent.

Now I do not believe that report  to be true.. that is just plain stupid, and even this administration would not do it. But it will and has, enforced a smoking by the doors ban in the winter time because some lazy people just throw their cigarette butts all over the place by the door and do not place them in the proper butt cans that are placed there.

Now if it is true, then it reeks of the winter of 2011-2012 where many guys DID have to go outside to have their smokes, and they went without heat.  And we lost a bunch that winter. We had a tent - just no heat.

I am told the Dormitory unit is down to about 45 people, in 2 man rooms. Finally. And that they are allowing the room members to use the extra space now.  Good. About time.

But no mental health or counsling is avilable yet to Dorm unit people who need it.

And Stinky is still wearing the same unwashed shirt and jeans that he had on in July.

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