Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Kills another one.

I know you all remember Billy Ray.  Billy was the veteran at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans  who was forced to endure a serious medical problem that the home refused to treat.  Billy Ray had bacterial peritonitis which caused excessive swelling in his abdomen which resulted in fluid around his heart. 
In September, 2012, a small group of concerned citizens were successful in getting Billy Ray removed to another facility.  Once there, over the course of the past four months, Billy had in excess of 40 liters of fluid removed.  He was thriving and doing well.  Unfortunately, the damage to his heart was excessive and irreparable.  This damage was caused by the excessive fluid, left untreated for months, by the administration and medical staff of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. 
Billy's heart gave up the fight.  Billy Ray is at peace now.  He died this past week and he died alone.  I am personally holding the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans responsible.  The transfer gave him four more months of life.  If the administration had acted responsibly, I wonder, would Billy still be with us. 
I was able to visit with Billy a couple of weeks ago and have talked with him several times a week since.  Billy loved the saying "Get Er Done".  The fight for Billy is over but his courage and stamina thru all will forever be remembered. 
I have to wonder.  How many more veterans have to die because the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans refuse to give adequate treatment?  Who is going to accept responsibility for veterans dying an early needless death?
Rest in peace Billy Ray.  You will be missed as you were loved.
A concerned Citizen.
ED's Note. I decided to post this, when I got it today. The name of the person who sent it will remain private, per their request. 

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